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 Citizens Police Advisory Committee

​Our top notch police department is assisted with guidance and feedback from the Citizens Police Advisory Committee.  This committee helps evaluate new equipment, training opportunities and citizens concerns.
Frank Bateman March 31, 2018
​Richard Caster March 31, 2019​
Stephen Ciacchi March 31, 2019
Dan Edwards March 31, 2018​​​
Phil Gullatta March 31, 2018
Kyle Heichel March 31, 2018
Larry King March 31, 2018
​James Lytle March 31, 2018
Jeff Martin March 31, 2018
​Charles Moore ​March 31, 2019
​Ullrich C. Mayeski March 31, 2018
James G. Randas March 31, 2019
Belinda Reed March 31, 2019
Art Reitz March 31, 2018
​​Rick Stose March 31, 2018
​Lisa Turner March 31, 2019​​
Sara Walsh March 31, 2019
​Karl Gebhardt ​Trustee Liaison
If you are a Township resident and are interested in serving on the Citizens Police Advisory Committee, please submit a completed APPLICATION to the Township Administrator.
Please direct correspondence to the Citizens Police Advisory Committee to:
Steve Gammill
Chief of Police
P: (614)568-2060
7049 Big Walnut Road
Galena, OH 43021